Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This'll end well

Back in the 90's, the then-National government deregulated the building industry, effectively allowing builders to self-regulate. And in the 2000's, we paid the price, in the form of the leaky homes crisis. That single policy mistake is estimated to have cost New Zealand over ten billion dollars (and maybe over twenty billion).

So naturally, National wants to repeat it:

The door is ajar for letting builders sign off on the quality of their own work.

The proposal is among recommendations released today by the Government's rules reduction taskforce, which was set up to look at the rules and regulations causing frustration for taxpayers.

The taskforce said self-certification should be encouraged for builders who meet set levels of qualification.

If we need an example of how National is ideologically-crazed and has learned nothing from the past, I can't think of a better one. Unfortunately it'll be the people of New Zealand paying for their mistakes - again.