Friday, September 18, 2015

SkyCity rips us off again

Remember Steven Joyce's cosy SkyCity crony deal? In addition to giving them huge changes in gambling laws in exchange for building an ever-shrinking convention centre, Joyce also forced TVNZ to sell them some prime Auckland land at a bargain basement price to build it on. Except, it turns out they're not building the convention centre on it, they're building a hotel. And now, they're planning to sell it:

The Auckland City Council has this morning announced that consent has been granted to SkyCity for the building of a convention centre. SkyCity have said today that they are looking at options for future running and ownership of the hotel which will be built on the former TVNZ site they were sold after they said they needed it for the convention centre.

[Emphasis added]

We've been scammed, people. The whole thing turns out to be a dodgy privatisation - property development deal. The question is whether Steven Joyce knew about it and sold us out, or whether he's utterly incompetent. But either way, he shouldn't be a Minister, and Parliament should be legislating to reclaim our land from these thieves.