Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Something to go to in Wellington

Interested in the Open Government Partnership and New Zealand's (lack of) commitment to it? Steven Price, the OGP Independent Reporting Mechanism researcher for New Zealand (and thus the effective watchdog on whether we're fulfilling our obligations) is hosting a public consultation meeting in two weeks time:

VUW law lecturer Steven Price is the New Zealand researcher for the IRM, the agency responsible for assessing New Zealand’s performance under the OGP. He is convening a meeting at lunchtime on 14 September 2015 to provide an opportunity for those interested in the OGP to comment on New Zealand’s Action Plan. Do you support it? Could it be improved? Has there been proper consultation? Has the plan been put into action in the past year? What has been achieved? Is it making a difference? Might it be done better next time? How?

The meeting will be held in the Moot room on the 3rd floor of VUW Law School in the old Government Building. Please RSVP to

Steven has some great documentation on the OGP and NZ's action plan here.