Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Beaten by Australia

On Monday, John Key announced New Zealand's "response" to the Syrian refugee crisis: a measly 600 additional refugees, with 500 of them not arriving until 2018. It was pathetic, the least they thought they could get away with - and it spoke volumes about how little National cares about refugees and how out of touch it is with New Zealand.

Today, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced his response: an additional 12,000:

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has confirmed Australia will extend its campaign of air strikes from Iraq into Syria, at the same time as announcing plans to "move quickly" to accept an extra 12,000 refugees affected by the conflict in both countries.

The Federal Government will also provide an extra $44 million in financial aid to refugee agencies.

"Our focus for these new 12,000 permanent resettlement places will be those people most in need of permanent protection," Mr Abbott told reporters in Canberra.

"Women, children and families from persecuted minorities who have sought refuge in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey... the most vulnerable of all."

Per-capita, that's four times the response of New Zealand. And this, from racist, bigoted Australia.

Of course, there's a sting in the tail: they're linking the increse in refugees to an increase in bombing Syria (I guess they feel they need to make refugees so they can take them). And that "persecuted minorities" is Australian for "Christian". Yes, Australia is bombing Muslims while saying "Christians only". Its vile and disgusting, not to mention appallingly stupid. But the positive side of the equation is far more than Key is willing to do.