Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blood on their hands

Another kiwi soldier has reportedly died in Afghanistan. This is the cost of the National Party's pro-US foreign policy, its desire to suck up to America: dead kiwis. I hope they're happy now.

The government will attempt to shroud this in patriotic bullshit, but lets be clear: this man is dead because John Key wanted to suck up to America. Because he wanted a pre-election photo-op with Obama, and the headline of an FTA (excluding dairy, and at the cost of gutting Pharmac and inflicting US-style copyright law on us) with the US. And he wouldn't be dead if we had a government which minded its own business and pursued an independent (rather than US-suckup) foreign policy.

National has blood on its hands. And they need to pay for it, before they kill again.