Friday, August 19, 2011

This'll be funny

So, National is apparently planning to "focus on its track record" on the economy during the election campaign. This'll be funny - because by any assessment, that record is absolutely dismal. Economic stagnation, record high inflation, 155,000 people out of work - this is not a record any government should be proud of. And it doesn't help that they're now reduced to denying basic unemployment statistics in an effort to pretend there is good news.

Which is why we're suddenly hearing about welfare, child abuse, and refugees: National knows they can't really run on being competent economic managers (because they're clearly not), so instead they're going to run on social division, whipping up hate and fear and pitting New Zealander against New Zealander in an effort to grub enough votes to stay in power. It's ugly, ugly politics. But its so very, very National.