Thursday, August 25, 2011

A welcome apology

The other day, Labour's Clare Curran stuck her foot in her mouth, complaining about "white anting" by the Greens. It was an unpleasant sight, which drew criticism from across the left, both for the ugly sense of entitlement it displayed, and because it did damage to her party that it could really have done without.

To her credit, Curran has now apologised:

Another is that it’s important to acknowledge mistakes. I made one this week. For that I apologise. It was never my intention to argue entitlement to a share of the votes.

I have to earn votes. Whether it be personally or for the Party. And I’ll be judged, along with everyone else standing on November 26.

This is good to see. Its phenomenally easy to make a dick of yourself on the internet. Its harder to admit that you've done so. Especially when you're a politician, and the media sees such admissions as a weakness rather than a strength. But I'd rather have politicians who admit when they've screwed up, rather than ones who arrogantly insist they are infallible.