Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fiji: "Innocent until proven guilty" is now a crime

The Fijian regime is currently trying to suppress Fiji's Methodist church, cancelling its annual conference for the third year in a row and detaining its senior members. Their reason? Basically its because the church is led by people the regime doesn't like, who it regards as opponents. But there's also < AHREF="http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/south-pacific/5490651/Fiji-military-clampdown-on-Methodists">this rather scary statement from regime thug Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga:

Tikoitoga said the two Methodist leaders had been charged earlier with breaching emergency laws and as such they should have stepped down from their positions and not attended the now cancelled conference.

''They refused to accept that explanation. They maintained that a person is innocent until proven guilty,'' the Fijilive website reported him saying.

So, believing in the presumption of innocence, one of the fundamentals of justice, is now a crime according to the Fijian regime.