Monday, May 21, 2012

Corruption in the police

Stories of police letting people off charges in exchange for sexual favours are something that happens in American fiction such as The Shield, right? It doesn't happen here in clean, non-corrupt New Zealand, right?

Not any more:

A police officer has been charged with corruption for seeking sexual favours in exchange for dropping an alleged driving offence.

Police said the officer was suspended from duty in February and appeared in court today over the charge.

It was alleged he had sought a bribe of sexual favours in return for not proceeding with a prosecution for a driving offence, police said.

Its good that the police are prosecuting, rather than covering this up as they did with police rapes. At the same time, its a terrible blow to the integrity of our police force. And if officers are getting caught doing this, it makes you wonder what other corrupt practices they're getting up to.