Friday, May 04, 2012

Daily Banks

The John Banks scandal just keeps on giving. First, it was SkyCity. Then Kim Dotcom. Then discounted hotel rooms (complete with denial, then acceptance, then an outrageous claim that he negotiated a 50% discount in peak season). And now, its back to another "anonymous" donation that doesn't look so anonymous:

Fresh allegations have surfaced about donations to John Banks' Auckland mayoralty campaign as the ACT leader clung to office for another day.

Questions were raised yesterday about a $15,000 gift of "radio advertising" to his 2010 mayoralty campaign. Police are investigating other donations to his failed campaign.


Labour MP Trevor Mallard said it would be "absolutely weird" that $15,690 worth of radio advertisements could be donated anonymously, especially as they must be approved by a candidate, or his or her nominee.

I agree, its weird. We're being expected to believe that Banks authorised this advertising - but did not know who it was from. And if you believe that, I have a tall, pointy building in Auckland to sell you.

Every day we are getting more and more revelations, and every day it is looking more and more likely that Banks committed electoral fraud to illegally hide the sources of his campaign funding (and thus who has influence over him). This is a serious crime, and not something we should accept from any politician. Banks should be stood down until the investigation is complete, before he taints our entire system of government.