Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The police haven't learned

Last year, the Police bought themselves a PR-nightmare by arresting singer Tiki Taane for singing the classic "Fuck the Police" at a concert. The charges were later dropped, but it seems the police have learned nothing from the debacle:

Chart-topping musician Tiki Taane could face charges after he chanted obscenities in front of police officers at a Palmerston North gig.


Acting Palmerston North Inspector Brett Calkin said police entered Mr Cue to perform a routine inspection about 1.15am on Sunday.

Taane began chanting the words "F*** the police", prompting the officers to speak to a person associated with the singer, Calkin said. "He apparently stopped using that terminology."

But when police went to leave, Taane resumed his earlier chants, Calkin said.

"It would appear that he has begun taunting the police again by yelling "F*** the police" and pointing to the door as they left.

Again, the police need reminding that we have freedom of speech in this country. It is not a crime to dislike them, and it is not a crime to sing songs they don't approve of. If they don't like that, then they can turn in their badges - because lawless thugs who would arrest people to force them to respect their "authority" have no place in our police force.