Thursday, May 24, 2012

Looking out for their mates

Today is Budget Day, and while we're waiting, the Greens have released an analysis [PDF] which shows what National has done to us so far. The short version: looking out for their rich mates:

New research by the Green Party shows an ordinary working family could be more than $11,000 worse off this year due to budget changes made by the National Government, while high income earners are better off by tens of thousands.

A single mother, working part-time while retraining, could have lost a sixth of her income – nearly $6000 – due to policy changes that are entrenching inequality in New Zealand.


Meanwhile, the research shows families in the top 10 percent income threshold are more than $12,000 a year better off under National.

“And on John Key’s prime ministerial salary, he would have an extra $19,000 to spend each year.

Under National, ordinary kiwis get screwed, in order to further enrich those at the top. It is robbing from the poor to pay the greedy rich.

This is not fair, it is not just, and it is not right. But its so very, very National, isn't it?