Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rotten to the core

First, we learned that members of the London Metropolitan Police were taking bribes to corruptly provide information to Sun journalists. Now we learn that the Met's anti-corruption unit has been doing the same:

Scotland Yard is investigating allegations that detectives working for its anti-corruption unit have been paid thousands of pounds by a firm of private investigators.

A parliamentary inquiry was told today that invoices, also seen by the Guardian, purport to show how a firm of private investigators made payments in return for information about the Metropolitan police investigation into James Ibori, a notorious Nigerian fraudster.

On Tuesday, the Commons home affairs select committee was told by a lawyer involved in the case that invoices showed about £20,000 of potential payments to police officers in what amounted to an undetected case of "apparent corruption right at the heart of Scotland Yard".

UK police seem to be rotten to the core.