Friday, May 11, 2012

Time to make some noise for marriage equality

John Key's response to being questioned about his position on same-sex marriage? He's "not personally opposed" to it and that there is no "clamour" for it. DPF of course is disingenuously trying to spin this as support, but its a long way even from David Shearer's lukewarm statement. Sure, he's not opposed - but its not as if he's going to do anything to make it happen either. Its just not a priority for him (unlike, say, giving our assets to his rich mates).

As Emma puts it

One thing Key has admitted: there are no legitimate arguments against gay marriage. Just a lazy feckless government that doesn’t give a shit.
So, we have to change their minds, by making the "clamour" Key demanded. One way you can do so is here: a site to send emails to Key about the issue. Another way is to write a letter to your local newspaper; there's a tool here which will help with that (note: only email a single newspaper; editors hate spam). Or you could email your local MP ( and ask them where they stand (and then let Pete George know so he can update his list). If you're in Wellington, go to the Queer the Night march tonight.

(I'm just waiting for some MP to seize the moment and offer a petition to Parliament, which will at least make a Select Committee pay attention. Do any of them have virtù?)

John Key has basically laid down a challenge. Let's take him up on it, and make some noise.