Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The risks of political promiscuity

So, just two days after John Key signals that he's willing to crawl into bed with the Conservatives, Conservative leader Colin Craig reminds everyone of why we are suspicious of Christian parties:

New Zealand has the "most promiscuous young women in the world" and the Government should not be providing free contraception for those who choose to sleep around, Conservative Party leader Colin Craig says.


Mr Craig said international research showed young Kiwi women are sleeping around and living what he called a "destructive lifestyle".

"We are faced with a reality that the constant changing of partners is a decision young women are making. It's a destructive decision on a lot of levels. Health is one of those, and it is a big cost to us."

So, according to Craig:
  • All New Zealand women are sluts
  • Only people who sleep around need contraception
  • Health costs are reduced by forcing people to become pregnant

And remember, John Key wants you to vote for this crazy, so he can stay in power.