Saturday, September 11, 2010

A $36 million joke

$36 million - that's how much we spend a year on the SIS. And it turns out they can't even do their core duty, vetting people for top-secret security clearances, properly. Probably too busy looking under Keith Locke's bed for "communists" (so last century), or going through Sue Bradford's underwear drawer again, or burgling peaceful protestors, or chasing phantom domestic terrorists Islamic extremists WMD proliferators international terrorists (to use a few of the everchanging excuses from their annual reports).

Given this failure, I think its time to ask what we are getting for our money. And from the look of it, we're getting SFA. The SIS are too busy playing at spies and chasing their own paranoid fantasies to do their job properly. They're simply a very expensive, very bad joke. And if the government is looking for waste to cut, we have $36 million of waste right there.