Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More hypocrisy from David Garrett

So, it turns out that an assault conviction isn't the only skeleton hiding in ACT law and order spokesperson David Garrett's closet. According to One News, he was also [Deleted due to suppression order]

Again, its minor offending, reportedly an 80's prank (and yet, you don't get charged 20 years later unless you're still using it). But it makes Garrett's position as a law and order hardman utterly hypocritical, and it again raises serious questions about how forthcoming ACT was over his candidacy. As with the assault conviction, ACT leader Rodney Hide decided to keep this from the voting public, to prevent us from making a fully informed choice over his candidate. That's deceitful and wrong. And hopefully now it will come back to bite them.

Update: Garrett has since made a personal statement to the House explaining his offending, in which he also stated that he was given permanent name suppression. Given that, I think its best to remove the specifics until the order is rescinded.