Thursday, September 23, 2010


It turns out that the Supercity voting scam is more serious than I thought. Rather than people being encouraged to enrol in places they didn't live, people were being enrolled without their knowledge - their votes were being stolen. So we're not talking about an administrative crime of falsifying an official document, but attempted personation.

As for who's responsible, Three News points the finger at Labour candidate Daljit Singh:

One of the properties searched was the real estate office where Labour candidate Daljit Singh works. He said today police had not contacted him.

"What we're doing at present is investigating the enrolments," says [Det Insp] Gutry. "As part of that process we are going to end up speaking to candidates right throughout the Papatoetoe area."

Another address visited was Indo Spice World, where coincidentally today a support vehicle for Mr Singh was parked at his office next door.

The business is owned by Gurinder Atwal, who also owns a house where 48 people were registered to vote.

In the Herald Singh claims its "a Citizens and Ratepayers smear campaign". If so, its a very well informed one which has gone to a lot of effort. But regardless of who is responsible, their party needs to disown them immediately. Otherwise, they will be directly supporting electoral fraud. And that is something no decent kiwi can support.