Tuesday, September 14, 2010

David Garrett: Thug

Oh dear. In addition to being a racist, sexist, drunken homophobe, ACT law and order spokesperson and "three strikes" advocate David Garret is also a criminal with an assault conviction. But that's OK according to ACT leader Rodney Hide, who deliberately kept the conviction from voters in 2008, because "anyone can turn their life around". Oddly, though, Garrett and ACT don't seem to think that about other criminals, only themselves.

The hypocrisy is appalling. Also appalling is Hide's attempt to excuse it - again - by talking about Garrett's "rough background" working on oil rigs. Apparently, that makes beating people up acceptable behaviour. But Garrett wouldn't accept such an excuse, and neither should we. Assault is not acceptable, anywhere, by anyone.

Of course, if Garrett had come clean about this in 2008, and allowed the electorate to judge him, it wouldn't be a problem. But by keeping it secret, he just looks like a dirty little hypocrite. Not to mention a thug. And his credibility on law and order issues (assuming he had any) is now shot. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy...