Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fiji: The military mind in action

Fiji is currently suffering from a severe drought, with emergency regulations being used in the Western Division to restrict water use. So what's the response of the dictatorship? Ban the media from reporting on the weather:

After months of no news in the newspapers, Fiji residents are now banned from getting reports of bad weather. "Drought reports and updates will only be issued by the National Disaster Management Office, reports the Fiji Times Online, following a directive to the Fiji Meteorology Service to stop issuing media statements on the current dry spell. Ministry of Works and Public Utilities head Colonel Timoci Natuva said the directive was intended to prevent any negative comments that would impact on the country's economy, particularly the tourism industry.
And this is the military mind in action. Reading something as trivial as a weather report might be "bad for morale", or "bad for tourism" so it must be censored. I guess when all you have is a gun, everything looks like a target...