Friday, September 24, 2010

Bigger and bigger

Auckland's Supercity voting scam just gets bigger and bigger. Today's news is that votes have been stolen from around the North Island to pack the electorate in Papatoetoe:

One source told the Herald that more than 300 voters from Hastings, Tauranga and Hamilton were enrolled, and another 100 voters from Papakura had been shifted to the Papatoetoe subdivision.

Auckland electoral officer Dale Ofsoske has also given police information about a Papakura company which allegedly tried to re-enrol hundreds of people from within Auckland and outside it as well to Papatoetoe.

As for the victims, the first they know about it is when their voting papers fail to arrive. People are being disenfranchised in an organised, systematic attempt to steal an election. Its the sort of thing you expect to happen in Afghanistan, not in New Zealand.

The good news is that police are finally speaking to the candidates, and have reportedly seized Labour candidate Daljit Singh's computer. Again, if he is responsible, then I expect the Labour Party to dump him the moment it becomes clear. Anything less is supporting electoral fraud. And no decent kiwi can support a political party which supports that.

Meanwhile, if you live in Papatoetoe, you might want to delay voting until the culprit becomes clear, lest you support a crook. Alternatively, you could just avoid any of the suspects, and vote for someone who isn't tainted by this scandal.