Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cabinet of murderers

Back in July, the government decided not to lower the drink-drive limit from 80 mg / 100ml to 50 mg / 100ml. They claimed that there was no clear evidence on the benefits of the change, and instead proposed two years of research to gather that evidence.

They lied. Advice on the decision, released under the OIA, shows there was strong evidence that a lower limit would save lives. And they could even put a figure on it:

The Government was told that, based on data in about 300 international studies, a lower limit would save up to 33 lives and prevent up to 686 injuries each year. Aside from social cost savings of between $111m and $238m a year, ACC expected additional savings of up to $94.5m on claims.

There was no support for the option the Government chose – more research on the limit.

"In the ministry's view, delaying lowering the adult limit would unnecessarily forgo the saving of lives and prevention of injury that could otherwise be made."

So, Cabinet decided to kill 66 people and pay more than $500 million so the liquor industry could continue to make money. They're murderers, nothing more. And we should hold them to account for it.