Sunday, September 19, 2010

How we should celebrate Suffrage Day

Being the first country in the world with full universal suffrage is a key part of our democratic heritage, and something we should celebrate every year. So here's a little bill to do that. Any takers?

Holidays (Suffrage Day) Amendment Bill

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows:

1. Title
This Act is the Holidays (Suffrage Day) Amendment Act 2010.

2. Commencement
This Act comes into force on the 1 January 2011.

3. Purpose
The purpose of this Act is to amend the Holidays Act 2003 to make Suffrage Day a public holiday.

4. Principal Act Amended
This Act amends the Holidays Act 2003.

5. Suffrage Day a Public Holiday
Section 44 (1) is amended by adding the following paragraph:

(l) Suffrage Day (19 September)

6. Transfer of Suffrage Day
The following new section is inserted after section 45:

"45A Transfer of Suffrage day as public holiday
For the purposes of this subpart, if Suffrage Day falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, it must be treated as a public holiday falling on the following Monday."