Wednesday, September 08, 2010

How to make your Easter trading bill a failure

Stuff reports that Jacqui Dean delayed her Easter trading bill today because it did not have the numbers. And its no wonder - unlike her 2006 effort [PDF] the bill includes no clauses protecting workers from being forced to work on those days. I guess that with a National government, she thought she didn't need them. Fortunately, she's just been proved wrong.

Dean is now apparently amending her bill to include such a clause. I can't see how that's legal under Standing Orders; the best she can offer is to lodge an amendment at Select Committee. And that might not be enough to convince people. If it doesn't, she has no-one but herself to blame - her arrogance has sunk her own bill.

Meanwhile, the obvious solution - making Easter Sunday a public holiday - has once again been ignored. Until Easter trading bills include such a clause, they deserve to fail.