Monday, August 01, 2011


Something else I'm boggled by: the Herald's report over the weekend that the public prefer Labour's policies, but support National. So, you have two parties, one which is offering people what they want, and the other what they don't want, and people go for the second. Its the sort of thing the term "headdesk" was invented for.

But its also a reminder that politics isn't just about policy. People have all sorts of different reasons for favouring one party over another. For example, trust and likeability obviously come into it. And it speaks volumes about Phil Goff that he loses the competition over those values to a banker.

But the core message here is that Labour needs to up its game. And if they don't or can't, then they have no-one but themselves to blame for the inevitable defeat.

(Meanwhile, when in two years time people complain about National selling everything that isn't nailed down, screwing over workers even more, and helping the rich take an even greater chunk of our national wealth, I'll be ready, waiting, with a big fat "I told you so". National is being admirably honest about its policy intentions this election, and no-one can credibly claim ignorance of them. People will be getting exactly what they vote for. If they don't like the outcome, then it will be a reminder to be more careful in voting in the future).