Friday, October 19, 2012

And so it begins...

The Maori Council are off to court in an effort to stop asset sales:

That sent a "pretty clear signal" to those considering legal action, he said.

Maori Council lawyer Donna Hall confirmed this morning they would be issuing proceedings today.

It was a unanimous decision following several meetings this week.

"We are issuing the proceedings today.... there's not many options left."

The claimants believed the Government's actions in going ahead with the sale without resolving Maori claims was illegal, she said.

As for their chances, they should have no trouble getting a preliminary injunction preventing the government from selling (or possibly even transferring assets from the State owned Enterprises Act) until the case is resolved. Beyond that, I think the views of the Waitangi Tribunal - statutorily the interpreter of what the Treaty means - on the unavailability of other redress will carry significant weight. So, the odds are against the government here. Which should push them towards making a proper settlement, except that they're clearly trying to use this to whip up the racist vote again (witness their dog-whistling in Parliament about the position of other parties on the issue). I guess despite all their talk, National never changes: they're still racists at heart, just as they were under Brash.