Tuesday, October 09, 2012

National doesn't care about jobs

The last few weeks have seen hundreds of job lost around the country, with layoffs announced at Solid Energy, KiwiRail, Nuplex, New Zealand Aluminium Smelters, and Norske Skog's Tasman pulp and paper mill. In response, the EPMU has called an urgent summit of unions, economists, business and political leaders. Most politicla parties, including Labour, the Greens, and NZ First, will be there. But one won't be: National:

Friday's jobs summit is being written off as pointless by the Prime Minister.

Unions, business and opposition parties will host the summit, aimed at tackling what it calls a jobs and manufacturing crisis.

But John Key says there is no crisis with all statistics he has showing moderate growth.

Even if he was invited, he says he wouldn't go to the summit.

The message couldn't be clearer; National doesn't care about jobs, they don't care about the economy, and they don't care about the lives of ordinary New Zealanders. And while ordinary kiwis are struggling, they're sitting there in their Beehive offices, sipping champagne and denying that there is even a problem. And next, no doubt, they'll be telling us to eat cake...