Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The price of rotten cops

So, it turns out that the DotCom farce isn't the only dodgy case Detective Inspector Grant Wormald has been involved in. In 2010, he headed an investigation into gang members, which involved the false "prosecution" on fictitious charges of an undercover police officer in order to enhance his credibility. But today, that abuse of the court had its inevitable result" the charges against 21 gang members accused of drug, firearms, and criminal conspiracy offences were thrown out:

Justice France has today agreed it was an abuse of court process.

He said: ''I see the actions of the police in this case as involving serious misuse of the court, and a troubling misunderstanding of its functions.

''Anything other than a significant response runs the risk of being seen as rhetoric. In the end I consider it comes down to how serious one sees the conduct as being, and what price the system is being asked to pay in order to preserve its integrity.

Justice France also said it is expected police will act because of the ruling. ''I doubt a false information about a fictional offence will again be sworn,'' he said.

This is how rotten cops fuck everything up: people walk free. And if the defendants were remanded in custody awaiting trial, the police (and taxpayer) have likely been exposed to the risk of a substantial compensation payout.

There is no place for rotten cops in our police force. If they lie to the courts, if they can't follow the law, then they have to go. It is as simple as that.