Thursday, October 04, 2012


Remember when National promised us "a brighter future", with more jobs and higher wages for all? It turns out that the reality is a little different:

The June year was a meagre one for Kiwi pay packets, according to Statistics New Zealand.

Its latest New Zealand Income Survey showed very little change from the same period a year ago.

Between the two June quarters (the three months to June 30 each year), the median weekly income from wages and salaries edged up just $6 (0.7 per cent) to $806 - the smallest change since June 1999.

The median weekly income from all sources rose 1.8 per cent from $550 to $560.

Median hourly earnings rose just 48 cents or 2.4 percent to $20.86.

While this is an increase, its wiped out by inflation. People are going backwards in real terms. Meanwhile, boardroom pay is up 15%, apparently as "compensation" for them actually having to do their jobs. Its pretty clear who benefits in a National Economy - and it isn't you and me.

National's austerity has delivered us a stagnant economy, which is making most people worse off while boosting inequality. Time for a change.