Thursday, October 18, 2012

Justice for Kim Dotcom?

It looks like Hugh Wolfensohn - the GCSB legal "expert" who supposedly failed to understand the law he'd helped write - is for the chop:

A top spook has been placed on "gardening leave" over the Kim Dotcom illegal spying debacle.

Hugh Wolfensohn - also known as agent CX - has more than 15 years experience with the Government Communications Security Bureau.

Director Ian Fletcher would not comment "on staff or employment matters" yesterday. But it is understood Mr Wolfensohn, a former GCSB acting director and legal adviser, has been sent home while an internal review takes place at the under-fire bureau.

Good riddance. This guy's unbelievable "mistake" has led to the government behaving illegally, exposing his subordinates to criminal charges and the taxpayer to a substantial BORA settlement for unlawful search and seizure. And he needs to pay for it with his job.