Monday, October 15, 2012


It seems WINZ was alerted to its IT muppetry last year:

Beneficiary Advocacy Federation spokeswoman Kay Brereton said she alerted officials to the fact members of the public could access sensitive information in July last year.

Ms Brereton said staff at the Wellington People's Centre (WPC) were trained to use the self-service kiosks when they were introduced at Work and Income (WINZ) offices.


She said an IT person from WPC found you could track backwards into WINZ's system.

"We got to the place where we could find all the IP addresses for all the computers in the local network and we thought that was probably far enough.

Brereton alerted both the immediate WINZ staffer who was training them, and national office. And it appears they did exactly nothing in response. This isn't just rank incompetence - its actively not giving a shit. WINZ's shitty attitude towards their "clients" poisons everything they do.