Friday, October 26, 2012

Doing the right thing

The government has finally done the right thing and offered the NZ PRT's Afghan interpreters a safe haven in New Zealand. But its not all good news: the offer only applies to current employees. Previous interpreters, who are in just as much danger and some of whom have already been forced to flee due to death threats to them and their families, are excluded:

Diamond Kazimi, another former interpreter who now lives in Christchurch, said the news was "heartbreaking" for those who had worked for the Kiwi soldiers in the past.

His brother and cousin, who had both served as interpreters, were excluded from the offer.

"I am really angry that the Government doesn't really care about those who have worked for them before.

"For these people, it's their life.

"They will get killed if they don't come to New Zealand."

Again, we owe these people. Their lives are in danger because they worked for us. We should do right by them as well as by those currently employed. And its appalling that National refuses to recognise this, and puts penny-pinching ahead of doing the right thing.