Tuesday, October 09, 2012

More DotScandal

The Kim Dotcom fiasco just keeps on giving. John Key has told us all that the first he knew of Kim Dotcom was the day before the raid, when the police told him. This despite half his Cabinet - Simon Power, Jonathan Coleman, Maurice Williamson, and of course John Banks - knowing about it. But now Key has been forced to admit that the knowledge extended as far as his own office:

The Prime Minister’s office knew about Kim Dotcom’s application to buy his Helensville-mansion in July 2011 according to evidence unearthed by New Zealand First.

The Prime Minister confirmed in reply to a written question from New Zealand First that his office knew about Dotcom in July last year.

“In July 2011 one of my staff was advised by Hon Simon Power's office by phone that Hon Power was declining an OIO [Overseas Investment Office] application from Kim Dotcom.

“This information was not conveyed to me as it was routine,” Mr Key said in his written reply.

Right. And if you believe that, I have a round building in Wellington to sell you.