Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Perfect timing

50 years ago today, Parliament abolished capital punishment for murder. So naturally, its the perfect day for former Labour MP Stuart Nash to crawl back into the dark ages again:

That guy who killed toddler JJ Lawrence should be shot. Would happily pull the trigger.!

Having announced his desire to personally commit murder, this sadist proceeded to just keep on digging. I guess Trevor Mallard must be on holiday or something...

The Labour Party has a long and proud tradition of opposing the death penalty - they abolished it back in 1941, only to see the Nats reinstate it in 1948. They voted unanimously to abolish it in 1961. And they finally expunged it from the statute books in 1989. They also have a not-as-long but equally proud history of supporting gay rights. Stuart Nash is on the wrong side of that argument as well. I'm really, really glad that this sadistic arsehole is no longer in Parliament. Because if he was a Labour candidate, I'd regard them as electorally toxic, and not worthy of anyone's vote.